Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

Walker's Easter Party at HUM School

Random Pics from Winter 2010

Walker's 1st invite to a BOWLING birthday party...and his 1st time to bowl!

Being silly with Daddy and his hat!

Tripp's 1st time out in the snow
Walker's 1st time going sledding!

January 23, 2010--Tripp's 1st Birthday Party

Stop Mommy! Enough Pictures Already!

My first bite of cake....hmmm?

I think I can get used to this cake thing!!

Oh yes...definitely! I think the sugar is getting to me!

Whew! It makes you thirsty too!

My 1st Birthday party was a success!!

January 20, 2010--Tripp's 1st Birthday

Where has the year gone?!?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our precious boys in their matching Christmas PJ's before opening presents. Walker came into our room this morning and I felt him poke me on my shoulder and he said, "Mom, Santa brought me a space station!" The little stinker was so excited he went and took a peek in the den before coming to our room! But, he didn't touch anything, just looked...our sweet boy!
Our crawling baby boy on his 1st Christmas!

Walker enjoying his guitar Santa brought him. This was a big surprise for him because he didn't know Santa was bringing him this!

Tripp enjoyed all the boxes, bows and paper!

This next picture is Tripp with my friend Aimee's son, Charlie. This was the first time the boys got to meet!

The next few pictures are from Christmas Eve 2009...Tripp's First Christmas!!!! We had the Denning family over to our house.

Trippy checking out his new puzzle

Tripp with Uncle Jimmy. Walker is always bashful around Jimmy but Trippy is taking to him well as you can see!

Walker and Grampy Denning

OOOOH...what's this new toy?

My sweet Walker getting ready to open presents Christmas Eve.

All these new toys and Tripp goes and plays with an old toy!

Our Trippy getting ready to open presents on his FIRST Christmas Eve.

I have gotten so big these past 11 months! Now I want to hold the football and try to get out of the chair while Mommy tries to take a picture. And why is she making all these silly faces and noises at me right now? I don't know but she sure looks funny, I think I will smile!

Oh boy, I have been wanting to grab onto this paper for so long now and finally...

At 11 months, my biggest milestone is that I started crawling!!! Mommy and Daddy knew it was close and one day I just surprised them and decided to crawl across the den! I also love to play patty cake...I can clap my hands together and then I throw my arms up in the air for "throw them in the pan!" I love to stick my foot up in the air when mommy is putting my socks on because I know that socks go on my foot. I have gotten more teeth this month and I play peek-a-boo all by myself without mommy helping me now!

This was Walker's Christmas Party at HUM School.

Our little Santa Baby!!

Like Father, Like Son...every morning Walker insists on getting the newspaper and reading it like Daddy does. And yes, he wants to read the Sports section first and knows how to thumb through to find it! During the week, he doesn't even let DJ take it to work because he wants to look at it first!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Holiday Time

It's virtually impossible to get a picture of Trippy since he has begun crawling!!

But Walker squeezed onto him and I got one!!!! I could eat my boys up in their matching footies!!